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G-TD04 Blue Cavalry of the Divine Marine Spirits Product Information VGE-G-TD04 [Blue Cavalry of the Divine Marine Spirits] is a…

TD04 Blue Cavalry EB01 Cosmic Roar (English) Product Information


Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc is proud to bring you a brand new booster release World Superstars. This unique all-foil set…

Yugioh World Superstars Product Images


This message was received this morning from Bushiroad, it pertains to the reallocation of Legion Promos from BT17 to G-TD01,…

Reallocation of Legion Campaign PR Packs for VGE-BT17: Blazing Perdition ver.E


The Secret Forces special booster set launches three new tactical squads of never-before-seen monsters, prepared to compete in the toughest tournament…

The Secret Forces & Secrets of Eternity Super Edition


Kill la Kill Card name changes For those who use translations, here are the Official English release names for…

Kill la Kill Card name changes


The New Challengers SUPER Edition releases December 5, 2014 Konami Digital Entertainment Inc., is proud to bring you a new product release New…

The New Challengers SUPER Edition releases December 5, 2014


Cardfight Vanguard Mega Release Weekend: ALL releasing on November 21st! EB11: Requiem at Dusk EB12: Waltz of the Goddess TD14:…

November 21, Cardfight Vanguard Mega Release Weekend! EB11, EB12, TD14, TD16, TD17 Product Information!


BT15 Infinite Rebirth Sneak Preview and Product Information Each Sneak Preview Participant will receive six (6) packs of BT15 Infinite…

BT15 Infinite Rebirth (English) Product Information


The New Challengers Booster Set releases November 7, 2014 Konami Digital Entertainment Inc is proud to bring you the next new…

The New Challengers Booster Set releases November 7, 2014

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