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Congratulations to [openboosters] on Youtube for this once in a lifetime pull! On the same note I wanted to put a shout out letting everyone know that Ideal808 actively buys High End Magic Singles. Alpha, Beta, or Unlimited… any of the Power 9 or Duals. I know it’s never the plan to sell your Black Lotus or Black Border Duals, but you just never know when the extra cash $$$ will come in handy so if you’re in that situation don’t panic sell – offer it to us! Without a doubt I can confidently say we pay some of the highest prices in the market for these pieces of history!

“You won’t be disappointed!”

Our main directive is high grade cards, which is where we pay the highest possible prices! if you have copies of cards that have been light played or heavily played we are still interested so please feel free to contact us with offers. Since prices are so vague on cards like this it would be best to contact our head buyer directly. You can contact him at 808-888-9158. You can also text a message or send images of cards to offer here as well, or email at 808cardbuyer@gmail.com. With the market booming for old vintage Magic cards today this is a great time to maximize prices as records continue to be broken for prices paid on cards.


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