Sword Art Online Themed Supplies Coming Soon!

Sword Art Online Themed Supplies by Bushiroad Coming Soon!

Check out the awesome deck boxes and storage boxes coming soon to iDeal808.com. Like a box? Click on it and be taken to its products’ page for wishlist & order information.

Sword Art Online [Kirito & Asuna] Vol.137 Deck Box

bushiroad_db_137 bushiroad_db_137b

Sword Art Online [Asuna] Vol.138 Deck Box

bushiroad_db_138 bushiroad_db_138b

Sword Art Online [Leafa] Vol.139 Deck Box

bushiroad_db_139 bushiroad_db_139b

Sword Art Online [Kirito & Asuna] Vol.63 Storage Box

bushiroad_sb_63 bushiroad_sb_63b

Sword Art Online [Asuna] Vol.64 Storage Box

bushiroad_sb_64 bushiroad_sb_64b

Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse [Yui, Edge, Linda] Vol.65 Storage Box

bushiroad_sb_65 bushiroad_sb_65b

Ebiten [Character Cast] Vol.65 Storage Box

bushiroad_sb_66 bushiroad_sb_66b
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