Releases: May 3, 2013

The oceanic invasion begins with Blue Storm Armada! Witness the true strength of justice with new units for [Aqua Force], or take your pick of reinforcements for [Neo Nectar], [Dimension Police], [Tachikaze], [Narukami] and [Great Nature]. Whichever you choose, your legions will be legend!

Total Cards: 102 + (12 Special Parallel)

  • Triple Rares: 8
  • Double Rares: 12
  • Rares: 22
  • Commons: 60

Product Information

  1. This booster set contains the first full expansion for Aqua Force, which was introduced in VGE TD07: Descendents of the Marine Emperor.
  2. This booster set also contains the second expansion set for Narukami following VGE BT06: Breaker of Limits.
  3. The Clans Neo Nectar, Tachikaze, Dimension Police and Great Nature will receive new cards in this set.
  4. Four (4) Premium rubber playmats are included in each carton. *Limited to first print only

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