Last month we were treated with a Special Limited Edition Aichi & Majesty Lord Blaster Rubber Playmat that was a Promotional item that was included with a purchase of four (4) BT05 Awakening of Twin Blades Booster Boxes. This was awesome news for Cardfight Vanguard fans as they would be treated with their first themed rubber playmat.  Now this wasn’t the first time Bushiroad created a playmat for Cardfight Vanguard, but all previous ones were made smaller and of cloth material.

BT05 Awakening of Twin Blades Promotional Playmat

In addition to Bushiroad’s first rubber playmat, Ultra Pro made an announcement that they were granted the License to also produce Rubber Playmats for Cardfight Vanguard. So when we heard, we were expecting that Bushiroad produce Playmats only as Promotional items and Ultra Pro will produce Playmats for individual sales. We were apparently wrong!

We received news earlier this today, that Bushiroad will also be creating their own line playmats for individual sales and boy do they look nice. This will make it a very interesting competition by Bushiroad and Ultra Pro. Who do you think will make the better playmat?

Check out the samples by below:

Bushiroad Playmats Ultra Pro Playmats
bushiroad-field up-field
bushiroad-aichi up-blasterblade
bushiroad-kai up-kai-v-aichi

Comment Below and let us know what you think. Ultra Pro or Bushiroad?

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