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The final of 4 available independent clan deck builds that we’re gonna focus on today is the Oracle Thinktank archtype. Misaki Tokura and Emi Sendou are the two main character that channel the power of the Oracle Thinktanks. This powerful clan relies on intelligence gathering, thought process, and accurate anticipation of cards rather than just brute force and power. Thinktanks also gather their power by having a large hand size (of 4 or more cards), placing heavy emphasis on flipping their Draw Triggers during matches. Their largest ace in their sleeve is the ability to look at the top of the deck allowing them to either send it to the bottom or leaving a trigger at the top; allowing the player to control a majority of the outcome during a Drive-Check! Though limited in play style for Set 1, the upcoming release of Set 2: Onslaught of Dragon Souls (See Spoiler List with effects here) allows Oracle Thinktanks to forecast the future of Cardfights to come!

Below is a recent deck build that one of our players used in a Tournament:


Let’s take a look at a few starting tactics and key strategies to victory that Oracle Thinktank’s like to incorporate. At it’s base, looking at triggers, this Thinktank deck runs 8 Draw triggers, 4 Critical triggers and 4 Heal triggers, with “Lozenge Magus” being the starting Vanguard. Similar to “Battleraizer” in the Nova Grappler deck, it boasts two key features. It can be called to the Rearguard Circle after being ridden over by an Oracle Thinktank Unit, and when it boosts another unit, “Lozenge” receives an additional 3000 power for that turn, at the end of the turn it is sent back to the deck and shuffled. The key with “Lozenge” is that she is a Heal trigger, and since she returns indefinitely to your deck multiple Heal Triggers are not out of the question during a fight.

On your opening play, the simple play is ride over “Lozenge” with either “Oracle Guardian, Gemini”, a Thinktank Unit with no effect or “Battle Sister, Coca” a Thinktank Unit which allows you to look at the top of your deck and decide whether to keep it on the top, especially if its a Trigger!! Now this effect comes in handy because if you’re fishing for a Grade 2 or 3 unit you have the option to leave it and add it to your hand during your trigger check.

Playing “Weather Girl, Milk” or “Battle Sister, Chocolat” as a Grade-1 Vanguard is still an option. Preferably you would like to hold these key Units to play as a Rearguard. For “Milk” she is a powerful 10,000 power booster as long as you have at least 4-cards in your hand, easily done with the current Oracle Thinktank play style. As for “Chocolat’s” purpose, she is used primarily for her “Perfect Guard” effect, protecting her brothers and sisters in the heat of battle!

Ride! to Grade 2, and for my picks I chose “Oracle Guardian, Wiseman“, “Maiden of Libra“, and “Battle Sister, Mocha“. Each card has their own strengths for building a successful deck.

Oracle, Guardian Wiseman” is your standard 10,000 power Normal-Unit which serves as powerful damage dealer.

Maiden of Libra” is your unit which allows you to draw cards with every successful attack, with a counterblast 2. Keeping hand advantage and count is so key for this deck, utilizing both “Weather Girl, Milk” and “Battle Sister, Mocha” effect(s).

“Battle Sister, Mocha” is your power-Unit. She is a 8,000 power grade-2 Thinktank that becomes a mighty 11,000 power attacker, so long as you have at least 4-cards in hand, and can go toe to toe with even Kagero’s mighty “Dragonic Overlord”. Pair her up with “Weather Girl, Milk” and you’ll have a 21,000 power team going against your opponent every turn!

Grade 3’s for all races are limited but Misaki Tokura is an intelligent lady who overcomes the strongest adversaries. “CEO Amaterasu” is a player’s favorite and Misaki’s Trump Card early on, riding at Vanguard she is normally a 10,000 power unit but easily adds an additional 4,000 power as long as the player has at least 4-cards in hand. She has the ability to look into your Drive-check future, with her Soul-Charge Ability. Every turn, you can peek at the top card of your deck and either keep it on the top of your deck or send it to the bottom. She can control the tide of battle, especially if a player expects a trigger (and what type of triggers) is going to appear during the Drive Check.

“Apollon” is a powerful vanguard that allows you to activate his Ability when you successfully deal hit an opponent’s unit. Counterblast (2) – Draw two cards, and send a card from your hand back to the deck. Again more manipulation that Thinktank’s are capable of!

Challenging a Oracle Thinktank deck is very intimidating, Both hand and deck manipulation are keys to it’s victory and should “CEO Amaterasu” and the rest of this deck catch fire – WATCH OUT! . Have fun and stay cool… Vanguard FTW!


Also stay tune, the next article will be on Splashable Techs.

Splashable refers to any card that is capable
of boosting the performance of any deck,
regardless of what clan is being run.
For a card to be Splashable,
it must function well
independent of other clans.

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