Whoa! Promo Cards Inserted in Cardfight Set 6 BT06

Break the Limits with Cardfight Vanguard Set 6

Early reports are all the way from Singapore as BushiRoad has added a surprise Element to the already anticipated release of Breaker of Limits or BT06 on May 19th! Yes, to add to the excitement and clamor players will be treated to 11 All-New Promo Cards that were previously only available in Japan randomly inserted into Booster Packs of Breaker of Limits. Nova Grapplers, Gold Paladins, Narukami, and Granblue players rejoice because this will be your first chance to own some of the coolest promos to you deck builds as early as next week Saturday!

The list of all 11 Promos are below:

Jap PR/ En BT06/ Card Name Clan Grade
0060 110EN C  Turboraizer  Nova Grappler   0
0049 111EN C  Muscle Hercules  Nova Grappler   3
0038 112EN C  Kungfu Kid, Bolta  Nova Grappler   2
0018 113EN C  Cup Bowler  Nova Grappler   2
0055 089EN C  Coongal  Gold Paladin   0
0059 090EN C  Battle Flag Knight, Laudine  Gold Paladin   2
0063 091EN C  Satellitefall Dragon  Gold Paladin   3
0057 102EN C  Brightlance Dragon  Narukami   2
0058 103EN C  Rising Phoenix  Narukami   1
0056 101EN C  Dreadcharge Dragon  Narukami   3
0062 077EN C  Greed Shade  Granblue   2


Things are getting really heated in the Trading Card Game World right now with the incredible releases of Avacyn Restored and Galactic Overlord last week, now it’s time to go even further next weekend as Cardfight Vanguard makes it’s International Premier for Breaker of Limits! Friends in Singapore and distributors in the US are already aware of a Product Shortage due to overwhelming demand, but you can still Pre-Order Your Boosters Today @ Ideal808.com. Click Here to Order Now!



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