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Number Rarity Name Color AT/WX02-001 RR Finn the Human & Jake the Dog Yellow AT/WX02-002 RR Finn the Human Yellow…

Weiss Schwarz AT/WX02 Adventure Time Checklist


Weiss Schwarz Sword Art Online II Vol.2 Extra Booster releases May 27!  Want to SAVE on Booster Boxes and get FREE…

Save on Sword Art Online II Vol.2!


Weiss Schwarz “Extra Booster – The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya” releases on May 6 and Value Bundles are now available to Pre-Order!…

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Extra Booster Value Bundles


The English version of Nisemonogatari will be releasing for the Weiss Schwarz TCG on February 26, 2016. A Booster Pack,…

Nisemonogatari (EN) Coming soon!


December Bushiroad FANBOOK! Coming Soon!     Product Details The Cardfight!! Vanguard G & Love Live! Fanbook is a comprehensive…

December Bushiroad FANBOOK! Coming Soon!


Weiss Schwarz players, get ready for the KanColle sequel, KanColle 2nd Fleet releasing November 27, 2015! The girls will be…

KanColle, 2nd Fleet [English]


Persona 4 ver.E Spoiler (includes Name changes from Heart of the Cards) For those who use translations, here are…

Persona 4 ver.E Complete Spoiler


Kill la Kill Card name changes For those who use translations, here are the Official English release names for…

Kill la Kill Card name changes


Fresh from the hit animation and game series [Angel Beats!] comes a unique and fresh <<Weiss Schwarz>> English Edition release!…

Weiss Schwarz Angel Beats! Re:Edit English Edition

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