Next Future Card Buddyfight Trial Decks & Boosters Announced!!

bfe-td03BFE-TD03: Dragonic Force releases March 28, 2014

Buddy Police and genius buddyfighter, Tasuku Ryuenji, enters battle with his [Dragonic Force] Trial Deck! Fly together with [Jacknife Dragon] and the [Armordragons] of ‘Dragon World’ and enforce justice with extreme force! This pre-constructed Trial Deck features the same deck that Tasuku uses in the animation and comes with everything new players need to enjoy the game with their buddies!

Product Detail:

Each Trial Deck contains 52 pre-set cards

Trial Deck Contents:

  • 52 pre-set cards
    • 19 types of cards and includes 2 foil cards
  • Life Counter
  • Rule Book
  • Playmat


BFE-BT02: Cyber Ninja Squad releases April 5, 2014

Slice and dice with Future Card Buddyfight Vol.2 [Cyber Ninja Squad]! This full expansion set introduces the secretive ‘Katana World’ with Ninjas, Skull Warriors and tricky spells! Reinforce your ‘Dragon World’, ‘Danger World’ and ‘Magic World’ decks with all new cards and abilities as seen in the animation! Will you use the powers of the Cyber Ninjas to carve new victories?

Product Detail:

Each Booster Box contains 30 Booster Packs; 5 random Cards per Pack; each Pack will contain a R or higher card!

Rarity Breakdown for “Cyber Ninja Squad” (105 base type cards)

  • BR – 1
  • RRR‘s – 8
  • RR‘s – 12
  • R‘s – 24
  • UC‘s – 30
  • C‘s – 30

Set also includes 12 SP‘s: Parallel versions of cards found in the base set.

More Future Card Buddyfight information can be found at the Future Card Buddyfight website @ http://fc-buddyfight.com/en/

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