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bfe-eb01BFE-EB01: Immortal Entities releases June 6, 2014

Unleash havoc with Extra Booster Pack Vol.1 [Immortal Entities]! Extra Booster Vol. 1 introduces the divine might of the Dragon Lords of [Ancient World]!! This extra booster also contains all new cards for [Dragon World] and [Katana World]. Collect them all and create a mythic deck worthy of legends! Each display will contain 1 PR card (4 designs) as a box-topper supplement as an additional feature!

Product Detail:

Each Booster Box contains 15 Booster Packs; 5 random Cards per Pack; each Pack will contain a R or higher card!

Rarity Breakdown for “Immortal Entities” (48 base type cards)

  • BR – 1
  • RRR‘s – 2
  • RR‘s – 5
  • R‘s – 10
  • UC‘s – 10
  • C‘s – 20

Set also includes 6 SP‘s: Parallel versions of cards found in the base set.

Each display comes with 1 PR card (4 designs) as a box-topper supplement and 1 flag card!
*Cards from [Dragon World], [Danger World], [Magic World] and [Ancient World] changed to [Dragon World], [Katana World] and [Ancient World].


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