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Our website is currently in the process of transition from our old site to an updated version that will make your shopping experience better. Please review some important notes we want our customers to know about that have an account from our previous website.

In general we are not able to transfer the customer profiles from the previous to the new website. However you are able to access your old account at https://ideal808.crystalcommerce.com for the next few months or until the website is closed.

Registration – New customer registration is required for all customers.

Store Credit – If you have store credits with our old website, you may transfer your store credits by accessing your profile, select “Store Credit Transfer”, and follow the instructions to transfer your store credits instantly. You have until June 30th, 2021 to transfer your old store credits.

Orders – If you have any pending orders or pre-orders with the previous website, we will still process them and ship as normal. If you need to review any orders, please go https://ideal808.crystalcommerce.com and login. Any unpaid orders are subject to cancellation.

Waitlist – Wait lists will not be transferred over. You may access the old website for your previous list for reference at https://ideal808.crystalcommerce.com for the next few months or until the website is closed.

Credit Card Verification – The new website has a built-in credit card verification process that is required for majority of first time orders on the website. Please be prepared to do a credit card test that requires you to check your account for a specific amount while placing your first order using a credit card.
*If you have verified your credit card on our previous website, we apologize for the inconvenience that you will need to do this verification again, however this time it’s automated and almost instant!
**This verification test is applied to any new credit cards on the same account as well.

Still in construction – This new website is currently under construction and we may experience some technical errors. Please feel free to report these errors to ideal808.clientcare@gmail.com. At the same time we will be working on more features to improve our customer shopping experience. We look forward to better serving you!

Thank you very much for always supporting us! – Ideal808.com

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