Wizards’ Announces Modern Masters! Tarmogoy?!

Release Date: June 7, 2013
Set Size: 229
Rarity Breakdown: 15 M; 53 R; 60 U; 101 C
MSRP: $167.76 per box; $6.99 per pack


Magic players have always wondered when Tarmogoyf will be reprinted, those players and many others got their answer this past weekend at the Pro-Tour with the announcement of #MTGMM Modern Masters. A 229-card reprint set featuring cards selected from Eight Edition all the way to Shards of Alara. The estimated rarity breakdown of this epic set is 101 commons, 60 uncommons, 53 rares, and 15 mythics, but because most cards that will be selected pre-date the creation of Mythic Rares, some cards will be upgraded in rarities to fill the well deserved space. This reprinted set also has no basic lands so the 15th card slot will include foil, meaning there will be a Foil in every pack! In addition to Foils in every pack mentioned for Modern Masters, there will be new Tokens, some never seen before such as bats! Well it’s still another half-a-year before the release of this epic set, and until more news is mentioned, we will only have to wait and see what Modern Masters will have to offer.

Initial talk is focused on a limited print run in order to preserve the Market Value of the Modern Marvel Cards, so you can bet the demand is looking monstrous at this time for sealed product. Another key point to this set will be that MTGO will have the cards available but will not be redeemable causing even further demand and lack of single card supply in the marketplace.

Click here to view the Complete Product Listing Page at Wizards of the Coast Site for Modern Masters!

and something cool we found the other day on Forbes.com

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