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June 6, 2014 – jmori Welcome back to another edition of Keep or Mull. Today we will be looking at the 6 new Mythic Rares that are releasing in Conspiracy. Did R&D do a good job? Let’s find out.

1. Coercive Portal This fun new artifact gives players in the game to either draw a card, or destroy all nonland permanents. The way this card works is that players will vote for either Carnage or Homage. Whichever word gets more vote, will lead to a specific action. In the event of a tie, Homage wins and its effect will resolve. At a cost of 4 Colorless Mana, this card is fairly balanced in terms of effect versus cost. This card comes packed with a free card draw or board wipe. That decision is left to your opponents, and in multiplayer, this card is surely to be a constant card draw unless someone has more board presence than everyone else.

Final Verdict: Keep It   

2. Dack Fayden The newest planeswalker card to be released comes in a gold form. Having a casting cost of 1UR, this cheap to play planeswalker also has a nice 3 loyalty. He comes with the standard +1 ability, a -2 ability, and a -6 ultimate. His first ability allows players to dig into their deck by 2 cards, but forces players to discard 2 cards directly after. His second ability allows you to take control of any artifact for the duration of the game. His ultimate will gain you an emblem that will let you gain control of permanents when you cast a spell that targets them. Combine his ultimate with cards like Aetherize and there will be many permanents to gain.

Final Verdict: Keep It  

3. Hydra Omnivore Not much can be said about this new Hydra except that it is great for multiplayer. This creature is a 8/8 fatty for just 4GG. Its ability can lead to some great war stories as whenever it deals combat damage to an opponent, it will deal that much damage to all opponents. Give this Hydra double strike and unblockable and that’s 16 damage all around. Being in green also means that you could get this out as early as turn 3. Being in green also means several pump spells that can be thrown at it. So to sum it all up: shenanigans.

Final Verdict: Keep it   

4. Marchesa, the Black Rose Marchesa could be a great EDH General with her ability. First she comes with the newest mechanic: Dethrone (Whenever this creature attacks the player with the most life of tied for the most life, put a +1/+1 counter on it). Secondly, she gives all other creatures you control dethrone. Third, she returns to the battlefield any creature you control with a +1/+1 counter on it that dies. Pretty good overall abilities and at a casting cost of just 1UBR and a power and toughness of 3/3, she has a good overall balance.

Final Verdict: Keep It  

5. Muzzio, Visionary Architect Tezzeret has a new friend. Muzzio is a great complement to Tezzeret decks. With a casting cost of 1UU and being a 1/3 Legendary Creature – Human Artificer, Muzzio can look at the top X cards of your library where X is the highest converted mana cost amongst artifacts you control, then take a artifact amongst those cards and put in onto the battlefield. With some deck manipulation with sensei’s diving top or brainstorm, this guy could combo into some high cost artifacts for way cheaper cost. His ability is only 3U and requires him to tap, but the benefit you could get for playing a darksteel colossus or blightsteel colossus on the field for half the price is nice. Overall he’s decent but could be better.

Final Verdict: MULL It  

6. Scourge of the Throne Dragons are always popular in Magic. Scourge is the newest red dragon to add to your dragon collection. His ability triggers the first time he attacks, if he is attacking the player with the most life, untap all attack creatures, and there is an additional combat phase. That’s a pretty sweet effect and he is a 5/5 Flying Dragon with Dethrone for just 4RR. So if you are attacking the player with the most life points, you will get 2 things, Dethrone trigger and his trigger to gain an additional combat phase. Pretty sweet dragon.

Final Verdict: KEEP It  

Conspiracy is releasing this Friday, June 6, 2014. Order yours today! You don’t want to miss out on these new cards. Even if some of the cards cannot be played outside of Conspiracy drafts, it’s still a great set overall with tons of value. Reprints like Stifle, Swords to Plowshares, and Phage, the Untouchable give this set great value, and if you are drafting it with friends, then you get to enjoy playing with these cards in a different first, then add them to your casual constructed decks. Thank you for joining us for another edition of Keep or Mull. Until next time, keep your hands full, lands tapped, and creatures on board. Aloha!


About the Author: Jacob Mori is a Level 1 Magic the Gathering Judge. Having played the game both competitively and casually since 1995, Jacob has a ton of card knowledge, gameplay experience, and great understanding of game mechanics. He is currently helping to develop a larger Magic community in his home state of Hawaii.

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