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BT12 Binding Force of the Black Rings Sneak Preview and Product Information Each Sneak Preview Participant will receive six (6)…

BT12 Binding Force of the Black Rings Product Information


It’s been a busy year for those in the Cardfight Vanguard circle. With the release of “Descent of Knights”, players…

Releases September 29! BT07 Rampage of the Beast King


Stil Vampir – Triple Rare (RRR) – BT03/001EN Grade: Grade 3 / Twin Drive!! Shield: 0 Trigger: None Power: 10000…

BT03 Demonic Lord Invasion Spoiler – Cardfight Vanguard


According to the CardFight Vanguard Facebook page recently updated their cover photo and boy does it look good. Featuring an…

BT03 Demonic Lord Invasion is Coming Soon!

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