Introducing the Japanese Gold Series 2012

After a short break in December, Konami’s already in Overdrive mode as GOLD Series 2012 just released in Japan on 1.7.12 and with shortages of product due to allocations and demand on an unprecedented level this makes for one of the hottest Gold series to release in years! Just look above and these 4 cards previewed on Konami’s site months ago was enough to set things ablaze!

Gives us some great hopes for the American version that releases in the latter part of 2012… check below for a complete Spoiler List on this Awesome 20 Card set. We have also received word from Ideal808.com that Gold 2012 Singles will be available shortly upon receiving the sealed product from Japan sometime this week. Can’t wait to get my hands on one of those Wind-Up Zenmaines in Gold Rarity!!!

Gold Series 2012 Spoiler List: (Each card is available in both Common and Gold Rarity)

GS04-JP001 Morphing Jar #2

GS04-JP002 Jowgen the Spiritualist

GS04-JP003 Lava Golem

GS04-JP004 Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning

GS04-JP005 Zaborg the Thunder Monarch

GS04-JP006 D.D. Crow

GS04-JP007 Armageddon Knight

GS04-JP008 Lonefire Blossom

GS04-JP009 Stardust Dragon

GS04-JP010 Wind-Up Zenmaines

GS04-JP011 Soul Release

GS04-JP012 Creature Swap

GS04-JP013 Necrovalley

GS04-JP014 Enemy Controller

GS04-JP015 Pot of Duality

GS04-JP016 Gravity Bind

GS04-JP017 Destiny Board

GS04-JP018 Icarus Attack

GS04-JP019 Dimensional Prison

GS04-JP020 Starlight Road

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