Yugioh Wave 2 Collector Tins

Updated: 9/27/2012

That’s right the biggest Sci-Fi Entertainment Convention in the world is happening this weekend in the Sunny City of San Diego, California. Apparently Konami has once again stole the show with an Extravagant Booth displaying products of old and new! For the new there’s definitely buzz going around today with the Visual Confirmation of the Series 2 Yugioh Collector Tins due out later in the year.

At the moment it looks like we’ll be getting packs of Galactic Overlord and Order of Chaos along with the highly anticipated Promo Pack. The Cover cards will match the tins so we’ll be getting the Ninja Grandmaster Hanzo and Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord Heliopolis as Secret Rares. As for the cards we’re still waiting on any kind of announcement/spoiler so keep your ears open :D and check back for Updates!

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Ninja Grandmaster Hanzo Tin

  • Ninja Grandmaster Hanzo (Secret Rare)
  • Number 16: Shock Master (Super Rare)
  • Rescue Rabbit (Super Rare)
  • Maxx “C” (Super Rare)
  • Unannounced Promo Card (Super Rare)

Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord Heliopolis

  • Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord Heliopolis (Secret Rare)
  • Malefic Truth Dragon (Super Rare)
  • Rescue Rabbit (Super Rare)
  • Leviair the Sea Dragon (Super Rare)
  • Unannounced Promo Card (Super Rare)
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