Konami at the 2013 International Toy Fair

False Memories. “Konami Booth.” Photo. falsemem.livejournal.com/ 12 Feb. 2013. 12 Feb. 2013 <http://falsemem.livejournal.com/>.

Courteous of “False-Memories.com” and their reporting staff , we thank them for an inside look at Konami’s booth at the 2013 International Toy Fair. Their post, which can be found on the bottom of the page, features pictures and information regarding what Konami’s showed off at the fair, including current and future products.

Highlighted Products Featured at the show included…

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For Pictures of Konami’s Booth at the 2013 International Toy Fair please visit:  http://falsemem.livejournal.com/71599.html

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