Battle Pack 2: War of the Giants Text Checklist

Battle Pack 2: War of the Giants Full Text Checklist


obelisk slifer ra

Release Date: June 28, 2013 Set contains 215 cards: 50 Rare Cards (with glossy black title), 162 Common Cards, and 3 cards only available as Mosaic Rares. (All cards in the set are available as Mosaic Rares – 215 cards in all.) Sorted by: Rarity Rank, Card Name

BP02-EN125 – Obelisk the Tormentor (Mosaic Rare Only)
BP02-EN127 – Slifer the Sky Dragon (Mosaic Rare Only)
BP02-EN126 – The Winged Dragon of Ra (Mosaic Rare Only)
BP02-EN016 – Airknight Parshath (Rare)
BP02-EN035 – Ancient Gear Golem (Rare)
BP02-EN080 – Beast King Barbaros (Rare)
BP02-EN084 – Beast Machine King Barbaros Ür (Rare)
BP02-EN061 – Belial – Marquis of Darkness (Rare)
BP02-EN047 – Brain Crusher (Rare)
BP02-EN115 – Bull Blader (Rare)
BP02-EN171 – Call of the Haunted (Rare)
BP02-EN150 – Card Trader (Rare)
BP02-EN112 – Cardcar D (Rare)
BP02-EN095 – Chaos Hunter (Rare)
BP02-EN007 – Cyber Jar (Rare)
BP02-EN059 – Cyber Valley (Rare)
BP02-EN028 – D.D. Assailant (Rare)
BP02-EN021 – D.D. Warrior Lady (Rare)
BP02-EN023 – Dark Magician of Chaos (Rare)
BP02-EN064 – Dark Valkyria (Rare)
BP02-EN090 – Darklord Desire (Rare)
BP02-EN060 – Darklord Zerato (Rare)
BP02-EN054 – Evil HERO Malicious Edge (Rare)
BP02-EN003 – Frostosaurus (Rare)
BP02-EN166 – Full-Force Strike (Rare)
BP02-EN137 – Graceful Charity (Rare)
BP02-EN026 – Guardian Angel Joan (Rare)
BP02-EN121 – Hyper-Ancient Shark Megalodon (Rare)
BP02-EN018 – Injection Fairy Lily (Rare)
BP02-EN089 – Jurrac Titano (Rare)
BP02-EN068 – Krebons (Rare)
BP02-EN005 – Magician of Faith (Rare)
BP02-EN212 – Memory of an Adversary (Rare)
BP02-EN117 – Mermail Abyssmegalo (Rare)
BP02-EN128 – Monster Reborn (Rare)
BP02-EN073 – Mosaic Manticore (Rare)
BP02-EN065 – Phantom Dragon (Rare)
BP02-EN109 – Photon Wyvern (Rare)
BP02-EN160 – Pot of Duality (Rare)
BP02-EN129 – Pot of Greed (Rare)
BP02-EN135 – Premature Burial (Rare)
BP02-EN122 – Pyrotech Mech – Shiryu (Rare)
BP02-EN175 – Reckless Greed (Rare)
BP02-EN165 – Shard of Greed (Rare)
BP02-EN027 – Slate Warrior (Rare)
BP02-EN214 – Spikeshield with Chain (Rare)
BP02-EN070 – Splendid Venus (Rare)
BP02-EN046 – Super Conductor Tyranno (Rare)
BP02-EN009 – The Fiend Megacyber (Rare)
BP02-EN208 – The Golden Apples (Rare)
BP02-EN055 – Truckroid (Rare)
BP02-EN045 – Ultimate Tyranno (Rare)
BP02-EN083 – White Night Dragon (Rare)
BP02-EN179 – A Hero Emerges (Common)
BP02-EN004 – Alexandrite Dragon (Common)
BP02-EN120 – Amarylease (Common)
BP02-EN092 – Anarchist Monk Ranshin (Common)
BP02-EN056 – Ancient Gear Knight (Common)
BP02-EN093 – Ape Fighter (Common)
BP02-EN140 – Autonomous Action Unit (Common)
BP02-EN096 – Axe Dragonute (Common)
BP02-EN131 – Axe of Despair (Common)
BP02-EN161 – Axe of Fools (Common)
BP02-EN123 – Aye-Iron (Common)
BP02-EN119 – Bacon Saver (Common)
BP02-EN086 – Battle Fader (Common)
BP02-EN012 – Bazoo the Soul-Eater (Common)
BP02-EN141 – Big Bang Shot (Common)
BP02-EN032 – Big Shield Gardna (Common)
BP02-EN098 – Blackwing – Zephyros the Elite (Common)
BP02-EN075 – Blizzard Dragon (Common)
BP02-EN049 – Blockman (Common)
BP02-EN163 – Blustering Winds (Common)
BP02-EN138 – Book of Moon (Common)
BP02-EN074 – Botanical Lion (Common)
BP02-EN215 – Breakthrough Skill (Common)
BP02-EN082 – Card Guard (Common)
BP02-EN048 – Card Trooper (Common)
BP02-EN034 – Chiron the Mage (Common)
BP02-EN191 – Cloning (Common)
BP02-EN058 – Copycat (Common)
BP02-EN182 – Curse of Anubis (Common)
BP02-EN159 – Cursed Armaments (Common)
BP02-EN039 – Cyber Dragon (Common)
BP02-EN205 – Damage Gate (Common)
BP02-EN077 – Dandylion (Common)
BP02-EN067 – Dark Resonator (Common)
BP02-EN076 – Des Mosquito (Common)
BP02-EN213 – Dimension Gate (Common)
BP02-EN118 – Dododo Bot (Common)
BP02-EN062 – Doomcaliber Knight (Common)
BP02-EN057 – Dragon Ice (Common)
BP02-EN181 – Draining Shield (Common)
BP02-EN038 – Drillroid (Common)
BP02-EN145 – Earthquake (Common)
BP02-EN164 – Ego Boost (Common)
BP02-EN180 – Embodiment of Apophis (Common)
BP02-EN144 – Enemy Controller (Common)
BP02-EN085 – Evocator Chevalier (Common)
BP02-EN041 – Exarion Universe (Common)
BP02-EN063 – Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord (Common)
BP02-EN153 – Fighting Spirit (Common)
BP02-EN113 – Flame Tiger (Common)
BP02-EN151 – Fiend’s Sanctuary (Common)
BP02-EN155 – Forbidden Chalice (Common)
BP02-EN168 – Forbidden Dress (Common)
BP02-EN162 – Forbidden Lance (Common)
BP02-EN078 – Fortress Warrior (Common)
BP02-EN111 – Gagaga Gardna (Common)
BP02-EN002 – Gene-Warped Warwolf (Common)
BP02-EN013 – Gilasaurus (Common)
BP02-EN008 – Goblin Attack Force (Common)
BP02-EN040 – Goblin Elite Attack Force (Common)
BP02-EN100 – Gogogo Golem (Common)
BP02-EN143 – Gravity Axe – Grarl (Common)
BP02-EN036 – Gyroid (Common)
BP02-EN207 – Half Counter (Common)
BP02-EN201 – Half or Nothing (Common)
BP02-EN158 – Half Shut (Common)
BP02-EN081 – Hedge Guard (Common)
BP02-EN019 – Helping Robo For Combat (Common)
BP02-EN053 – Herald of Creation (Common)
BP02-EN134 – Horn of the Unicorn (Common)
BP02-EN024 – Hyper Hammerhead (Common)
BP02-EN211 – Impenetrable Attack (Common)
BP02-EN104 – Interplanetarypurplythorny Dragon (Common)
BP02-EN198 – Kunai with Chain (Common)
BP02-EN011 – Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer (Common)
BP02-EN183 – Labyrinth of Nightmare (Common)
BP02-EN020 – Little-Winguard (Common)
BP02-EN001 – Luster Dragon (Common)
BP02-EN072 – Machine Lord Ür (Common)
BP02-EN186 – Magical Arm Shield (Common)
BP02-EN006 – Maha Vailo (Common)
BP02-EN132 – Malevolent Nuzzler (Common)
BP02-EN174 – Mask of Weakness (Common)
BP02-EN025 – Mataza the Zapper (Common)
BP02-EN149 – Mausoleum of the Emperor (Common)
BP02-EN124 – Mecha Phantom Beast Hamstrat (Common)
BP02-EN193 – Metal Reflect Slime (Common)
BP02-EN173 – Metalmorph (Common)
BP02-EN195 – Miniaturize (Common)
BP02-EN202 – Miracle Locus (Common)
BP02-EN206 – Miracle’s Wake (Common)
BP02-EN031 – Mirage Dragon (Common)
BP02-EN172 – Mirror Wall (Common)
BP02-EN042 – Mythical Beast Cerberus (Common)
BP02-EN052 – Necro Gardna (Common)
BP02-EN101 – Needle Sunfish (Common)
BP02-EN148 – Nightmare’s Steelcage (Common)
BP02-EN029 – Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke (Common)
BP02-EN190 – No Entry!! (Common)
BP02-EN087 – Oracle of the Sun (Common)
BP02-EN197 – Overworked (Common)
BP02-EN167 – Photon Sanctuary (Common)
BP02-EN103 – Photon Thrasher (Common)
BP02-EN030 – Pitch-Black Warwolf (Common)
BP02-EN071 – Plaguespreader Zombie (Common)
BP02-EN204 – Power Frame (Common)
BP02-EN091 – Power Giant (Common)
BP02-EN199 – Prideful Roar (Common)
BP02-EN139 – Reasoning (Common)
BP02-EN156 – Reptilianne Rage (Common)
BP02-EN169 – Reverse Trap (Common)
BP02-EN010 – Revival Jam (Common)
BP02-EN142 – Riryoku (Common)
BP02-EN185 – Rising Energy (Common)
BP02-EN157 – Rocket Pilder (Common)
BP02-EN176 – Rope of Life (Common)
BP02-EN133 – Rush Recklessly (Common)
BP02-EN088 – Samurai of the Ice Barrier (Common)
BP02-EN136 – Scapegoat (Common)
BP02-EN187 – Shattered Axe (Common)
BP02-EN130 – Shield & Sword (Common)
BP02-EN066 – Shield Warrior (Common)
BP02-EN102 – Shocktopus (Common)
BP02-EN146 – Shrink (Common)
BP02-EN192 – Sinister Seeds (Common)
BP02-EN015 – Sinister Serpent (Common)
BP02-EN203 – Skill Successor (Common)
BP02-EN116 – Solar Wind Jammer (Common)
BP02-EN196 – Spacegate (Common)
BP02-EN050 – Spell Striker (Common)
BP02-EN154 – Star Blast (Common)
BP02-EN037 – Steamroid (Common)
BP02-EN189 – Strike Slash (Common)
BP02-EN188 – Stronghold the Moving Fortress (Common)
BP02-EN044 – Submarineroid (Common)
BP02-EN147 – Swords of Concealing Light (Common)
BP02-EN094 – Tanngrisnir of the Nordic Beasts (Common)
BP02-EN114 – Tardy Orc (Common)
BP02-EN110 – Tasuke Knight (Common)
BP02-EN069 – The Tricky (Common)
BP02-EN184 – Threatening Roar (Common)
BP02-EN209 – Tiki Curse (Common)
BP02-EN210 – Tiki Soul (Common)
BP02-EN200 – Time Machine (Common)
BP02-EN033 – Toon Gemini Elf (Common)
BP02-EN105 – Tour Bus From the Underworld (Common)
BP02-EN043 – Treeborn Frog (Common)
BP02-EN017 – Twin-Headed Behemoth (Common)
BP02-EN079 – Twin-Sword Marauder (Common)
BP02-EN152 – Union Attack (Common)
BP02-EN108 – Vylon Prism (Common)
BP02-EN097 – Vylon Soldier (Common)
BP02-EN107 – Vylon Stella (Common)
BP02-EN106 – Vylon Tetra (Common)
BP02-EN170 – Waboku (Common)
BP02-EN177 – Windstorm of Etaqua (Common)
BP02-EN051 – Winged Rhynos (Common)
BP02-EN178 – Zero Gravity (Common)
BP02-EN022 – Zolga (Common)
BP02-EN194 – Zoma the Spirit (Common)
BP02-EN014 – Zombyra the Dark (Common)
BP02-EN099 – Zubaba Knight (Common)
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