Yugioh Photon Shockwave Spoiler List

Photon Shockwave Sneak Peek Playmat

Photon Shockwave Sneak Peek Playmat

Ready to Catch the Shockwave Coming Your Way This Week?!

Get ready because we’re about to take off with the second installment of XYz Monsters featured in Photon Shockwave! Amazingly enough, this set will feature yet another utility card that will become the TCG’s 2nd most expensive Secret Rare … the [ Rescue Rabbit ] Yes this amazing Rabbit will trail on Tour Guide of the Underworld in terms of price, but this furry little pal can do a whole lot of tricks. Start by Banishing Rescue Rabbit to Summon 2 Level 4 or lower Normal Monsters from your Deck. Check out some of the cool things you can do with this guy below:

  • PHSW-EN037 Rescue Rabbit

    PHSW-EN037 Rescue Rabbit

    For Starters there’s some tricks you can pull off by inserting copies of Alexandrite Dragon and Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon a LV8, 3000 ATK Beast! Once you Banish the Rescue Rabbit and summon 2 – Alexandrite Dragon’s from your Deck, then here comes your Galaxy-Eyes!

  • Since the Banishing of the Rabbit will Special Summon 2 of the same level Monsters to your field, you can use these monsters as XYz Material to summon an XYz Monster (as long as the requirement is 2 material monsters).
  • Rescue Rabbit is also gonna make for a great way to set up Fusion Summons by fetching Gladiator Beast, Gem-Knights, or HERO Monsters from your Deck.
Possibilities are endless with this card and that’s basically why they are commanding such high $$$’s right out of the gate. Currently you can find these guys on eBay running anywhere from $130.00 to as high as $145.00 this minute. I would have to guess that there will be an adjustment period about 2 weeks after the product releases that would bring the price down a tad bit, however should this card bring instant success at a YCS Tournament who’s telling where this little guy can go! Early speculation on it’s potential play works a little something like this:
  • Banish Rescue Rabbit > Special Summon x2 – LV4 Saber Saurus’ from your Deck. At this point you have options: 2 Beat Sticks at ATK2000 each or XYz Summon into the new XYZ monster in Photon Shockwave [ PHSW-EN043 Evolzar Laggia ]. Still the option to XYz into [ Steelswarm Roach ] or any other LV4 XYz Monster!
But let’s get to what you’ve all been waiting for! Here’s the Confirmed Photon Shockwave Spoiler List:
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  • PHSW-EN000 Alexandrite Dragon
  • PHSW-EN001 Bunilla
  • PHSW-EN002 Rabidragon
  • PHSW-EN003 Rai Rider
  • PHSW-EN004 Stinging Swordsman
  • PHSW-EN005 Kagetokage
  • PHSW-EN006 Acorno
  • PHSW-EN007 Pinecono
  • PHSW-EN008 Friller Rabca
  • PHSW-EN009 Shark Stickers
  • PHSW-EN010 Needle Sunfish
  • PHSW-EN011 Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon
  • PHSW-EN012 Daybreaker
  • PHSW-EN013 Lightserpent
  • PHSW-EN014 Plasma Ball
  • PHSW-EN015 Photon Cerberus
  • PHSW-EN016 Evoltile Gephyro
  • PHSW-EN017 Evoltile Westlo
  • PHSW-EN018 Evoltile Odonto
  • PHSW-EN019 Evolsaur Vulcano
  • PHSW-EN020 Evolsaur Cerato
  • PHSW-EN021 Evolsaur Diplo
  • PHSW-EN022 Wind-Up Warrior
  • PHSW-EN023 wind-Up Knight
  • PHSW-EN024 Wind-Up Hunter
  • PHSW-EN025 Wind-Up Bat
  • PHSW-EN026 Wind-Up Kitten
  • PHSW-EN027 D.D. Telepon
  • PHSW-EN028 Wattcobra
  • PHSW-EN029 Naturia Marron
  • PHSW-EN030 Prior of the Ice Barrier
  • PHSW-EN031 Senior Silver Ninja
  • PHSW-EN032 Rodenut
  • PHSW-EN033 Fenghuang
  • PHSW-EN034 Tribe-Shocking Virus
  • PHSW-EN035 Goblin Pothole Squad
  • PHSW-EN036 Creepy Coney
  • PHSW-EN037 Rescue Rabbit
  • PHSW-EN038 Baby Tiragon
  • PHSW-EN039 Number 83: Galaxy Queen
  • PHSW-EN040 Black Ray Lancer
  • PHSW-EN041 Number 10: Illumiknight
  • PHSW-EN042 Number 20: Giga-Brilliant
  • PHSW-EN043 Evolzar Laggia
  • PHSW-EN044 Thunder End Dragon
  • PHSW-EN045 Attraffice Control
  • PHSW-EN046 Ego Boost
  • PHSW-EN047 Monster Slots
  • PHSW-EN048 Cross Attack
  • PHSW-EN049 XYz Gift
  • PHSW-EN050 Photon Veil
  • PHSW-EN051 Photon Lead
  • PHSW-EN052 Photon Booster
  • PHSW-EN053 Evo-Karma
  • PHSW-EN054 Evo-Miracle
  • PHSW-EN055 Zenmailfunction
  • PHSW-EN056 Extra Gate
  • PHSW-EN057 Shard of Greed
  • PHSW-EN058 Murmur of the Forest
  • PHSW-EN059 Tri-Wight
  • PHSW-EN060 One Day of Peace
  • PHSW-EN061 Space Cyclone
  • PHSW-EN062 Poisonous Winds
  • PHSW-EN063 Heartfelt Appeal
  • PHSW-EN064 Fiery Fervor
  • PHSW-EN065 Damage Diet
  • PHSW-EN066 Copy Knight
  • PHSW-EN067 Mirror Mail
  • PHSW-EN068 Fish Rain
  • PHSW-EN069 Ice Crevasse
  • PHSW-EN070 Luminize
  • PHSW-EN071 Evolutionary Bridge
  • PHSW-EN072 Zenmairch
  • PHSW-EN073 Wattcancel
  • PHSW-EN074 Champion’s Vigilance
  • PHSW-EN075 Darklight
  • PHSW-EN076 Tyrant’s Throes
  • PHSW-EN077 Sound the Retreat!
  • PHSW-EN078 Deep Dark Trap Hole
  • PHSW-EN079 Eisbahn
  • PHSW-EN080 Sealing Ceremony of Suiton
  • PHSW-EN081 Photon Sabre Tiger
  • PHSW-EN082 Evolsaur Pelta
  • PHSW-EN083 Wind-Up Rabbit
  • PHSW-EN084 D-Boyz
  • PHSW-EN085 Latinum, Exarch of Dark World
  • PHSW-EN086 Evolzar Dolkka
  • PHSW-EN087 Wind-Up Zenmaines
  • PHSW-EN088 XYz Territory
  • PHSW-EN089 Dark Smog
  • PHSW-EN090 Sergeant Electro
  • PHSW-EN091 Vylon Ohm
  • PHSW-EN092 Laval Dual Slasher
  • PHSW-EN093 Gem-Turtle
  • PHSW-EN094 Laval Lancelord
  • PHSW-EN095 Gishki Beast
  • PHSW-EN096 Gem-Knight Emerald
  • PHSW-EN097 Junk Defender
  • PHSW-EN098 Metaion, the Timelord
  • PHSW-EN099 Infernity Knight


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