Yugi/Kaiba Reloaded Starter Deck feature in Shonen Jump Alpha


For those subscribed to Shonen Jump Alpha, you may have run across this ad on page 138 of  Weekly Shonen Jump No.52 [November 25, 2013]…

yugi-kaiba reloaded

Featured are some cards found in the Reloaded Starter Decks including Mystic Elf, Neo Magician Swordsman, Silent Swordsman LV3, Dark Magician, Skill Dark Magician, Thousand Knives and Dark Magic Attack.

Interested in some Classic Dueling? You may start Pre Ordering your decks @ iDeal808.com. Both Decks release December 6, 2013.

Original Find by: UltimateKuriboh on YGOrganization.com

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