Yugioh Delivers Order of Chaos 01/24/12

The Sequel To The Legendary

Invasion of Chaos.. Bring Forth the Order of Chaos

The Eternal battle between Light and Darkness continues and you can almost guess what we’re gonna be in store for come January when Konami delivers it’s sequel to Invasion of Chaos… get set for the Order of Chaos!

Duelist are in store for 100 all-new cards including sweet Transforming Ninjas along with more Meta-Changing XYz Monsters!!! The power-up’d version of Number 39: Utopia will be released in this set, [ CNo.39: Aspiring Emperor Hope Ray ] who can be XYz Summoned with a Number 39: Utopia used as it’s XYz Material. A total of 7 powerful-new XYz Monsters are featured in this set making choices for your Extra Deck even more abundant!

[ Evolkaiser Sorde ] looks like another sweet Dragon XYz monster that must be summoned using Dinosaur XYz Materials. At Rank 6 he demands quite a bit for summoning purposes but his 2600 ATK and effects are quite stunning! Translated Effect: While this card has an XYz Material Monster attached, it cannot be destroyed by card effects. When your opponent successfully Special Summons a monster, you can remove 1 XYz Monster from this card and destroy that monster.

Cards are still being spoiled in Japan but you can bet like our Photon Shockwave Spoiler we did we’ll do our best to get you info on Order of Chaos as it becomes available!

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