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Konami Announces

RA Yellow Mega-Pack!!!

I guess everyone deserves a round of applause for this one… because of the insane demand that the Yugioh Community created for the Legendary Collection 2 Mega-Pack Konami made this surprise announcement the other day that they will be creating a follow-up pack called the [ RA Yellow Mega-Pack ] Expected release date is 2/21/12.

Kinda surprising considering they just released the image and announced the Premium Collection Tin a week ago also?! Oh well… this is great news for Duelist because we’re looking at even more chances to get much needed reprints of cards our decks are aching for :D Details are very sketchy at the moment because the info released contained no clear answer as to what the content will be aside from being a follow-up reprint set.

  • Large 113-card complete set
  • 17 Secret Rare Cards
  • 16 Ultra Rare Cards
  • 14 Super Rare Cards
  • 11 Rare Cards
  • 55 Common Cards
Each booster pack will contain 11 cards; 1 Secret Rare, 1 Ultra Rare, 1 Super Rare, and 1 Rare in EVERY Pack!
and now for what you’ve all been waiting for the Complete Ra Yellow Mega-Pack Spoiler List…
Card Number         Card Name Rarity
RYMP-EN009  Necro Gardna Secret Rare
RYMP-EN010  Elemental HERO Neos Alius Secret Rare
RYMP-EN023  H – Heated Heart Secret Rare
RYMP-EN024  E – Emergency Call Secret Rare
RYMP-EN025  R – Righteous Justice Secret Rare
RYMP-EN026  O – Oversoul Secret Rare
RYMP-EN027  Hero Flash!! Secret Rare
RYMP-EN029  Super Polymerization Secret Rare
RYMP-EN034  Destiny HERO – Malicious Secret Rare
RYMP-EN037  Destiny Draw Secret Rare
RYMP-EN048  Crystal Beacon Secret Rare
RYMP-EN050  Crystal Blessing Secret Rare
RYMP-EN051  Crystal Abundance Secret Rare
RYMP-EN052  Crystal Promise Secret Rare
RYMP-EN059  Cyber Dragon (Alternate Art) Secret Rare
RYMP-EN081  Dimensional Fissure Secret Rare
RYMP-EN096  Gladiator Beast Laquari Secret Rare
RYMP-EN021  Miracle Fusion Ultra Rare
RYMP-EN028  Instant Fusion Ultra Rare
RYMP-EN064  Future Fusion Ultra Rare
RYMP-EN082  Macro Cosmos Ultra Rare
RYMP-EN084  Dimensional Prison Ultra Rare
RYMP-EN088  The Six Samurai – Yaichi Ultra Rare
RYMP-EN089  The Six Samurai – Kamon Ultra Rare
RYMP-EN090  The Six Samurai – Yariza Ultra Rare
RYMP-EN091  The Six Samurai – Nisashi Ultra Rare
RYMP-EN092  The Six Samurai – Zanji Ultra Rare
RYMP-EN093  The Six Samurai – Irou Ultra Rare
RYMP-EN100  Jain, Lightsworn Paladin Ultra Rare
RYMP-EN102  Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner Ultra Rare
RYMP-EN103  Wulf, Lightsworn Beast Ultra Rare
RYMP-EN110  Gladiator Proving Ground Ultra Rare
RYMP-EN112  Double-Edged Sword Technique Ultra Rare
RYMP-EN007  Neo-Spacian Grand Mole Super Rare
RYMP-EN031  Hero Signal Super Rare
RYMP-EN032  Hero Blast Super Rare
RYMP-EN038  Destiny Signal Super Rare
RYMP-EN040  Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle Super Rare
RYMP-EN041  Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat Super Rare
RYMP-EN042  Crystal Beast Emerald Tortoise Super Rare
RYMP-EN043  Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger Super Rare
RYMP-EN044  Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth Super Rare
RYMP-EN045  Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle Super Rare
RYMP-EN055  Crystal Raigeki Super Rare
RYMP-EN066  Dark End Dragon Super Rare
RYMP-EN067  Light End Dragon Super Rare
RYMP-EN095  D.D. Crow Super Rare
RYMP-EN014  Winged Kuriboh LV9 Rare
RYMP-EN016  Elemental HERO Flame Wingman Rare
RYMP-EN035  Destiny HERO – Disk Commander Rare
RYMP-EN060  Cyber End Dragon (Alternate Art) Rare
RYMP-EN061  Chimeratech Overdragon Rare
RYMP-EN068  Vennominaga the Deity of Poisonous Snakes Rare
RYMP-EN070  Yubel Rare
RYMP-EN071  Yubel – Terror Incarnate Rare
RYMP-EN072  Yubel – The Ultimate Nightmare Rare
RYMP-EN101  Garoth, Lightsworn Warrior Rare
RYMP-EN113  Gladiator Beast War Chariot Rare
RYMP-EN001  Elemental HERO Avian (Alternate Art) Common
RYMP-EN002  Elemental HERO Burstinatrix (Alternate Art) Common
RYMP-EN003  Elemental HERO Sparkman (Alternate Art) Common
RYMP-EN004  Elemental HERO Neos Common
RYMP-EN005  Elemental HERO Necroshade Common
RYMP-EN006  Card Trooper Common
RYMP-EN008  Elemental HERO Stratos Common
RYMP-EN011  Card Ejector Common
RYMP-EN012  Elemental HERO Prisma Common
RYMP-EN013  Gallis the Star Beast Common
RYMP-EN015  Card Blocker Common
RYMP-EN017  Elemental HERO Electrum Common
RYMP-EN018  Elemental HERO Mudballman Common
RYMP-EN019  Rainbow Neos Common
RYMP-EN020  Elemental HERO Divine Neos Common
RYMP-EN022  The Flute of Summoning Kuriboh Common
RYMP-EN030  Hero Mask Common
RYMP-EN033  Destiny HERO – Diamond Dude Common
RYMP-EN036  Destiny HERO – Plasma Common
RYMP-EN039  Destiny Mirage Common
RYMP-EN046  Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus Common
RYMP-EN047  Rainbow Dragon Common
RYMP-EN049  Rare Value Common
RYMP-EN053  Ancient City – Rainbow Ruins Common
RYMP-EN054  Crystal Release Common
RYMP-EN056  Rainbow Path Common
RYMP-EN057  Rainbow Gravity Common
RYMP-EN058  Cyber Dragon Common
RYMP-EN062  Power Bond Common
RYMP-EN063  Overload Fusion Common
RYMP-EN065  Magical Mallet Common
RYMP-EN069  Vennominon the King of Poisonous Snakes Common
RYMP-EN073  Mezuki Common
RYMP-EN074  Thunder King Rai-Oh Common
RYMP-EN075  Kasha Common
RYMP-EN076  Shutendoji Common
RYMP-EN077  Darklord Desire Common
RYMP-EN078  Fusion Recovery Common
RYMP-EN079  System Down Common
RYMP-EN080  Grand Convergence Common
RYMP-EN083  Rise of the Snake Deity Common
RYMP-EN085  Offering to the Snake Deity Common
RYMP-EN086  D.D. Survivor Common
RYMP-EN087  Grandmaster of the Six Samurai Common
RYMP-EN094  Great Shogun Shien Common
RYMP-EN097  Enishi, Shien’s Chancellor Common
RYMP-EN098  Test Tiger Common
RYMP-EN099  Rainbow Dark Dragon Common
RYMP-EN104  Judgement Dragon Common
RYMP-EN105  Aurkus, Lightsworn Druid Common
RYMP-EN106  Gladiator Beast Lanista Common
RYMP-EN107  Gladiator Beast’s Respite Common
RYMP-EN108  Gladiator’s Return Common
RYMP-EN109  Cunning of the Six Samurai Common
RYMP-EN111  Gateway of the Six Common
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