Order of Chaos SE
Order of Chaos SE Release Announcement!

Yugioh Order of Chaos SE Release Date: 03/06/12

 Chaos Will Reign

Order Will Prevail in … Order of Chaos SE

As expected, following the release of the Holiday Tins we are now back on track with our first Yugioh Special Edition release of 2012. Konami just Announced their planned release of  the Order of Chaos SE for the next set which has been graced with a special description:

“In addition to 3 packs of Order of Chaos, each Special Edition box will contain a special championship‐level foil card sure to make a lucky Duelist’s day” – Konami

Now what exactly does this statement mean, I have no clue?! but Konami has held pretty close to their words in the past and when making a statement like this you can almost bet that 1 of the 2 cards will be “Championship-Level”!

There is NO EVIDENCE or hints as to what the card may be; there are literally over 20 cards that could be considered into this category. However here’s my argument why we just may see Tour Guide from the Underworld released as a Super Rare Variant in this product?!

Currently in almost all decks across the board and take into account that Tour Guide’s are in almost every top deck in both the US and other foreign countries there is an immediate shortage of this card (designated by it’s current price at almost $175.00 per copy). That’s over $500.00 to build a Championship Level deck and I don’t think most Card Games can sustain an audience once deck costs skyrocket like this. So Point 1 there is a need for a reprint on the market to settle the price on the original Extreme Victory Secret Rare. Point 2 is achieved in conjunction with the recent announcement that Order of Chaos will contain a follow up card in Tour Bus from the Underworld, why not… if the rumored effect of the Tour Bus is a Recruiter like Effect for Tour Guide then it makes perfect sense!

What is always a value loaded product Order of Chaos SE will be no different, each SE will contain: 3 packs of Order of Chaos boosters, plus 1 of 2 Super Rare foil variant cards. What looks to be a very strong set containing the first traces of the Inzektor and Ninja decks, Konami’s gettin’ set to rock the New Year 2012!

“I’d love to hear from all of you out there what you think may be the upcoming 2 Variant Cards…”


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