Yugioh Duelist League 13 Coming Soon!

For those of you participating in the Duelist League Season 13 will be Opening in December. 4 Different Versions of each card: Blue, Purple, Green, or Red for a total of 80 cards will be available to players in this child specific 14 & under league. Looks like Konami coordinated this release just in time for Order of Chaos! as we see reprints of older Ninjas, Insects, and Dinosaurs to help fill out your decks!

Here’s the full card list for Duelist League 13. Remember! these cards are unavailable for Sale in stores and can only be acquired by Duelist ages 14 and under at your local Konami Tournament Store.

Armed Ninja
Shining Angel
Flying Kamakiri #1
Crimson Ninja
Strike Ninja
Pinch Hopper
Howling Insect
Granmarg the Rock Monarch
White Ninja
Ultimate Tyranno
Black Stego
Gorz the Emissary of Darkness
Insect Barrier
Dark Factory of Mass Production
Ancient Rules
Zombie World
Fossil Dig
Ultimate Offering
Magic Drain

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