Duel Terminal 6a Judgment of Omega

Duel Terminal 6a: Judgment of Omega Announced

The long awaited return of our next Duel Terminal set is finally upon us as Konami announces the Official Release date: February 3rd, 2012 for Duel Terminal 6a: Judgment of Omega. Since we are very close to catching up with the Japanese Duel Terminal series (Currently on 13 with 14 fast Approaching) the only way to slow the pace down is for Konami to release the equivalent of 1 Duel Terminal set at a time in the US. This set should be the equivalent of Duel Terminal 11 in Japan, focusing on Inverz, Dai Gusta, Vairon, Gem Knights, and Laval Monsters that help to expand deck builds for these themes that began in the American Duel Terminal 5b set.

For fans of the actual Duel Terminal game there’s some great news for you also! With the release of this upcoming set look for totally new Mini-Games not available before that will be fully compatible with Duel Terminal 6a cards and backwards compatible with previous sets.

Duel Terminal 6a: Judgment of Omega Spoiler List: According to the Japanese Duel Terminal 11 List

DT11-JP001 Silent Swordsman LV7

DT11-JP002 Arcana Force EX – the Light Ruler

DT11-JP003 Elemental Hero Voltic

DT11-JP004 Athena

DT11-JP005 Mystic Tomato

DT11-JP006 Freed the Brave Wanderer

DT11-JP007 Guardian Angel Joan

DT11-JP008 Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands

DT11-JP009 Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys

DT11-JP010 Hand of Nephthys

DT11-JP011 Eria the Water Charmer

DT11-JP012 Copycat

DT11-JP013 Timeater

DT11-JP014 Arcana Force 0 – The Fool

DT11-JP015 Battle Fader

DT11-JP016 Gem-Knight Crystal

DT11-JP017 Laval Volcano Maid

DT11-JP018 Laval Cannon

DT11-JP019 Vairon Sphere

DT11-JP020 Vairon Tetra

DT11-JP021 Vairon Stella

DT110-JP022 Vairon Prism

DT11-JP023 Vairon Hapto

DT11-JP024 Ritua Killer

DT11-JP025 Ritua Noela

DT11-JP026 Gusta Squirrel

DT11-JP027 Gusta Reeze the Whirlwind

DT11-JP028 Inverz All-Purpose Form

DT11-JP029 Inverz Sentry

DT11-JP030 Inverz Sharp

DT11-JP031 Inverz Horn

DT11-JP032 Inverz Grayz – Ultra Rare

ATK/DEF: 3200/0 | Attribute: Dark | Card Number: DT11-JP032 | Card Type: Effect Monster | Level: 10 | Monster Type: Fiend | Rarity: Ultra Rare






DT11-JP033 Eve Ritua Tetra Ogre – Ultra Rare

ATK/DEF: 2600/2100 | Attribute: WATER | Card Number: DT11-JP033 | Card Type: Ritual/Effect Monster | Level: 6 | Monster Type: Aqua | Rarity: Ultra Rare






DT11-JP034 Elemental Hero Gaia

DT11-JP035 Gem Knight Madeira – Super Rare

DT11-JP036 Gem Knight Prism – Super Rare

DT11-JP037 Laval Steraid – Super Rare


DT11-JP038 Vairon Alpha – Ultra Rare

ATK/DEF: 2200/1100 | Attribute: LIGHT | Card Number: DT11-JP038 | Card Type: Synchro/Effect Monster | Level: 9 | Monster Type: Machine | Rarity: Ultra Rare






DT11-JP039 Vairon Omega – Ultra Rare

ATK/DEF: 3200/1900 | Attribute: LIGHT | Card Number: DT11-JP039 | Card Type: Synchro/Effect Monster | Level: 10 | Monster Type: Fairy | Rarity: Ultra Rare






DT11-JP040 Dai Gusta Sphered – Super Rare

ATK/DEF: 2000/1300 | Attribute: WIND | Card Number: DT11-JP040 | Card Type: Synchro/Effect Monster | Level: 6 | Monster Type: Psychic | Rarity: Super Rare






DT11-JP041 Future Fusion

DT11-JP042 Advanced Ritual Art

DT11-JP043 Vairon Component

DT11-JP044 Vairon Element

DT11-JP045 Ritua’s Inherited Forbidden Secret Arts

DT11-JP046 Wall of Revealing Light

DT11-JP047 Drastic Drop Off

DT11-JP048 Assemble Fusion

DT11-JP049 Invasive Ripple

DT11-JP050 Invasive Means


*Duel Terminal cards are Tournament Store Exclusive Items available ONLY through playing the Duel Terminal Game or purchasing them directly from a Machine. Please click on the Link here for the Konami Authorized Store List where you can Play Duel Terminal Near You! … See The List Here!

Sometime this year we should also see the Release of Duel Terminal 6b that will combine with 6a and be reprinted in Hidden Arsenal 6. This release will mark the 1st time these cards will be available for sale through purchase in Booster Packs and Boxes. If you take a look into DT12 for the Japanese set you’ll see this also marks the 1st time Exceed Monsters (XYz Monsters) will be available through the Duel Terminal Machines and let me tell ya there are some seriously strong cards you’ll want for your Extra deck and more! Ahhhh… 2012 is shaping up to be a spectacular year for Yugioh Duelist!

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