New ORCS Double 2-Player Mat?!

Anyone Seen This Mat?!

Special Order of Chaos 2-Player Mat

What a Sweet Surprise! Konami has marveled us at their Generosity with each product release starting with Duelist Revolution and now they’ve taken the liberty to start 2012 off with a BANG! There is no confirmation on how this mat was released in conjunction with Order of Chaos, however it was a Promotional Item that should trickle its way down to your Stores. Are these for sale or only available through Promotions and Tournaments we have yet to see, but I’m sure you’ll be able to acquire one of these sweet 2-Player mats in the near future!

The first of its kind, this Mat is basically 2 mats in 1. IMO these are perfect for Tournament events or in-store dueling! No matter how they are used I’m sure the Yugioh fan base will be overwhelmed with these Awesome mats! “Thank you Konami!”

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