Are You The Next Champ!?

When: Mar 24 – 25, 2012

Where: Long Beach Convention Center
Long Beach, CA

Konami has pulled out all the stops to insure that they 100th Yugioh Championship Series Tournament in Long Beach Cali will be yet another Monster Event that will attract players from around the world to determine the King of Yugioh in North America! A grueling event  that will undoubtedly exhaust the nearly a thousand or more Duelist over the course of 2 days. The result: A new YCS Champion the can lay their name among the Duelist Greats in 1 of the largest Yugioh Fields.

Of course for such a large event it would on befit the enormous prize packages and participant bonuses that the 100th YCS will yield, the only other event that even compares to this magnitude would be our National Tournament held once a year that leads on to the Yugioh World Finals! This year’s celebration holds nothing back where each participant will receive a Very Special Playmat to commemorate the 100th Anniversary. Our favorite Guide and Bus is leaping out of Order of Chaos onto this very Collectible 100th YCS Playmat shown to the left. All you have to do is register and play in the Tournament and you will receive a copy of this Playmat that will surely be worth your troubles :D

The 100th YCS Top Cut Mat will feature Blood Mefist once again (kinda wonder why Konami decided to reuse this guy?!) but then again Dark End Dragon showed up on more than 1 Top-Cut mat in past events so I guess it makes sense?! If you read through the page there will also be side events like Win-A-Mat tourneys, Pegasus Challenge, Retro Draft, Classic Draft, Dawn of the Xyz Starter, and many other Mini-Tourney’s going on at the same time throughout the weekend. Have you seen the Gagaga Girl Playmat? (see below…) rumors have it they’ll be available at the 100th YCS as well :D

2012 Yugioh Gagaga Girl Playmat (No Confirmation as of yet if Available @ 100th YCS)

There’s so much happening that weekend at the Long Beach Convention Center and you’re best bet is to read up at Konami’s Official 100th YCS Tournament Info Page…. Here!
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