Selecting Consolidated or Split Shipping

Aloha Customers,

With the new website, you can place one order for different release dates and select how and when you want your products shipped.

You may select ‘split shipment’, circled in blue, for pickup or delivery. Each item will be shipped (available for pickup) when they release, circled in red.

Rent-A-Girlfriend Trial Decks & Boosters will available on their release date

If you do not split the shipment and select ‘Consolidated Shipping’, circled in blue, your items will be shipped (be available for pickup) at the date shown, circled in red, at checkout.

Rent-A-Girlfriend Trial Decks & Boosters will be released when all items arrive

If you would like to split your shipment after ordering a consolidated shipping please contact our client care department to make adjustments to your order. There will be additional shipping charges for each new shipment.

For in-store customers, cashiers will not have the option to split your order. Please contact our customer service line before coming to the store if you want to split your pickup.

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